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770 thoughts on “Write on our Wall

  1. This course was a present in 2013….only starting it now. Looking forward to it, as NZ has some great areas to photo, plus it might help me take better shots when/if we can travel again….

  2. Hello everyone, just joined today. Im looking forward to learn as much as I can about photography.

  3. Hello! Just starting out on the course here, which was a gift from my wife. I’ve recently taken steps to start a photography business and thought this would be a good way to learn some things that I don’t know and possibly connect with others. I am trying to get into shooting real estate and commercial projects such as food or other products. Looking forward to the what lies ahead…

  4. Hi all 🙂 I’m new here, so far passed module 3 will continue on tomorrow i hope when I sign out it wont delete my tests I’ve already answered.

  5. Hi everyone. I received this enrollment as a birthday gift from my son and am very excited to learn more and get better at my photography. Oh, and by the way Merry Christmas 2020 and may 2021 be a better year for everyone.

  6. Hi all, i have just signed into the course to star the course, I’m excited tovstart and get going. looking forward to improving my skills etc. Cheers.

  7. hI Y’ALL, I started this course years ago, but yes life got in the way but i also ended up working for photographers , Anyway I thought I might as well finish this , and have a certificate 😉 Might as well finish it whilst were in lockdown although theyre talking about lifting restrictions next week …. im in Oz …

  8. Hi Everyone, I attended the Masterclass in Melbourne on the 17th Aug, as I was keen to take out memorable photographs before my holiday to South America. I have started the modules and have picked up alot, did not know much about photography, will start using only the Manual Mode now.

  9. Hi everyone. i attended a masterclass late last year, and have finally decided to start the course.

  10. Hi everyone; I’ve just started and I am looking forward to learning a lot about photography on the course.

  11. A well known
    photographer in my community once told me. “It’s not the subject or the equipment that you use, but the photographer behind the lens”. I’d say that in portrature that “It’s a combination of the model, and the photographer behind the lens, complemented by the equipment.
    Anyone like to comment?

  12. I have just got finished and I have found this course to be great value and helpful. Thanks for making it available

  13. I signed up recently from a Melbourne Master class and looking forward to learn the modules.

  14. First module completed. Looking forward to learning and enjoying my photography .

  15. Well, I’m on my way…fininshed module 1 and getting into module 2! Woohoo

  16. Hi, I started ages ago…….
    life got in the way but I hope to get back into the course. I might have to repeat the modules Ive done and then hopefully move on

  17. Hi to all the team, being a late starter means that I will need to apply my time and resources to complete the course. Great fun though.

  18. Hi Im on annual leave so Im concentrating on getting this course done. Just finished module 2 🙂

  19. Hello fellow photography lovers! So I signed up February 2016 after doing a day course. Finally after getting my very first ever DSLR camera with my Christmas bonus I have now begun this course and am very excited to learn a whole lot more about photography. Module 1 down, will do 2nd one now and the rest to go! Happy Days!

  20. Hello ! Remembered that I had enrolled in this course so am going to do it. Thank goodness for no expiry date.

  21. I was a complete novice before I started this course and now I only ever use my camera on manual. Great to learn some photography techniques and composition rules. Very good course for a beginner, like I was before I completed this course.

  22. Hi
    I just attended the Master class yesterday and it was very informative looking forward to taking better photos in the future

  23. Hi enjoying this course so much and reaaly learning a lot. Just completed module 6 so far so good passing and enjoying it. Lve takig what I’m learning out and trying to create with the new skills.Doing this course has me looking at the world through different eyes.

  24. Loved the class with anthony. Just started the course, looking forward to using the concepts and creating something magic.

  25. Hi, i am smriti , have just started my course and i am new to photography… hope this course helps me a lot.

  26. Hello Bonjour and Guten Tag!
    Happy to be beginning this course…Looking forward to learning heaps!
    See ya!

  27. I’ve passed modules 2-4 now too! I’m learning so much and I’m so excited to continue to learn!

  28. Hi everyone! I’ve just signed up and I’m so looking forward to beginning the course and seeing all your amazing photographs!

  29. I remember starting out 30 years ago playing with my Dad’s 35mm SLR camera just “trying to make things look cool”. After years of Polaroid, Box cameras, Disposable cameras, Compact cameras & now a “proper’ DSLR of my own the end result is that I’m still just “trying to make things look cool” !! 🙂

  30. Hi I just completed the master Class yesterday and now looking forward to expanding my limited photography knowledge over the next few months.

  31. passed 5 & 6 module this morning.i’m getting excited to get out and do the action of what I have learned so far. love this course. 🙂

  32. Hi fellow photography tragics. Ive just signed up and am looking forward to learning to play with light and shade to make great photos.

  33. Just joined … just learning… just so looking forward to learning heaps!

  34. Hi fellow course mates! I just did the Master class with Anthony in Sydney, and it was very entertaining and informative. Really had a great time learning, so I decided to take the next step by joining the online course. Looking forward to learning with all of you.

  35. Well its a rainy Saturday in Adelaide and I’ve been promising myself that I’ll get started. What better day to start a new venture – hot chocolate on hand!

  36. Hi, I have just joined the course and am looking forward to getting the most out of my camera and creating some beautiful shots.

  37. Just completed the Master class course yesterday and found it really insightful. Anthony was very entertaining and kept us all interested in what we were learning 🙂 Looking forward to learning a lot more and hopefully getting off “Auto” and discovering “Magic” 🙂

  38. Hi…am just getting started. Looking forward to taking some awesome photos with tips and skills learned through this course

  39. Hi everyone!
    I have joined the course on my birthday yesterday. I promiss myself in one year time I mill complete this course and become a good photographer!

  40. Hi all,
    Have just finished a masterclass with the author of this course and had the best afternoon, lots of useful information , very entertaining and easy to listen to. I can’t wait to begin this on line course.

  41. Hi all 🙂
    Just signed on today an am very excited to get ideas and feedback.
    Happy 2015

  42. Hello everyone, I sign up several months ago, but haven’t had a chance to start this course. Looking forward to start in the new year.

  43. Hi all, I signed up in March and have been procrastinating since then 🙁 Right from now on onwards and upwards just got a new camera so time for me to learn yay very excited now 🙂 love reading all the other comments very encouraging

  44. Looking forward to beginning the course and seeing all the fantastic photographs from fellow students.

  45. Just finished Module 12, am very pleased with myself. I haven’t sat tests for abot 45 years & to pass every one is testament to the easy understanding of this course

  46. Aaarrgh – just failed Module 5! Couldn’t quite get the f stops in the right order. Passed second time around but still a bit disappointed with myself. Really loving the course. 🙂

  47. Just signed up – looking forward to learning and putting my creativity to use! 🙂 Loving the positive comments of people who are half way through or finished and really enjoying this course!! Thanks.

  48. I am successfully halfway through the course; am currently off work and at home with a baby and a toddler so loving having a mental challenge to squeeze in every so often as “me” time. I have found that understanding the content is relatively straightforward, however; it will take me some time (and lots of practice!) to be able to intuitively and quickly select the correct settings under manual mode. With kids, its important to be able to select the optimal settings quickly, so I’ll be doing my best to practice lots until this becomes second nature. Even so, the photographs I am taking now have remarkably improved compared to the pre-course photos! Thanks Click.

  49. Just finished the 4th module and I’ve already learnt so much about my camera. loving this course so far!

  50. Module 12 completed 🙂 I have been enrolled in this course for some time now, but today has been the 1st day at home with out the kids and wife for many months, oh the peace and quite to catch up on this course….

  51. Just completed 3 modules. Well planned and clearly explained course. I like the variety in presentation. All good so far.

  52. I have just signed up – love taking photos but want to take those special ones and make them a memorable keep sake

  53. Slowly completed the course and now more ready to leave the Auto button and create more interesting photos.

  54. Have just completed module 1 and passed..phew!! Love that I can do this course at my own pace and whatever time I choose! Looking forward to module 2 🙂

  55. And I thought its best to put your subject bang on the middle!!!! Learning some pro composition technique !

  56. hi everyone, halfway throughout the course, learnt some much and enjoying it

  57. Hi I have just signed up and havent started yet but I am very excited about doing this course

  58. Hello everyone, I’ve just completed module 3 and have already learned so much. I love how the course is in a simple language making the terminology easy to understand.

  59. Hello,
    Just taking my first look around the site. Looking forward to getting into the courseas I love photos and am a keen scrapbooker. I just want to learn how to take the best possible photos to save as precious memories for family and friends.

  60. Hi It’s been a while since I started the course. Hoping to get some concentrated time to do more modules and start getting great results.

  61. Just finished the course! Learnt so much, its has such a great easy learning approach. Cant wait to put my new knowledge to good use. Best of luck to people that just signed up- hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  62. Just signed up.Have inherited my fathers SLR film camera and want to learn how to use it

  63. Just joined yesterday and I am very much excited to be a part of the photography lovers and the community of camera people. Done two modules already and it is very exciting.

  64. Hi, I’ve just started doing the course. I’m not a complete beginner but i certainly have a lot more to learn! I’m really looking forward to shooting with a bit more confidence after I’ve completed this as I love photography! Good luck everyone!

  65. Hi all,
    I have just joined and I’m looking forward to learning more and getting back into my passion of taking photos. now I’m not working full-time as I have just had my first little bub in Oct I’m hoping to turn my joy of capturing great memories into something more 🙂

  66. Hi, I just joined and am going to start the course this week. Am really excited to start using my camera that has been stuck in the camera bag the last few months!!

  67. Hi
    Also signed up for the course a couple of months ago, but only now have the time to start. Looking forward to learning how to use my SLR camera correctly and taking some great photos the first time!

  68. Hi everyone, great to get started, super excited! Tired of using the auto button, and frustrated when the photo doesn’t come out as I envisaged. Time to knuckle down and find out how this beauty works.

  69. Hi
    Signed up for the course a couple of month ago, but now have the time to start. Looking forward to leaving the ‘auto’ button and taking some great photos the first time!

  70. Hi, cant wait to get this course started. Looking forward to learning heaps and getting it all underway!

  71. G’day Folks. I have recently started my own photography business and am keen as beans to get through the course. I struggle with ‘light’ and hope to figure this part out soon xx Enjoy

  72. Hi everyone, just signed up and looking forward to the course and learning how to use my DSLR to it’s full potential.

  73. Hi all. Day one like a lot of you, but have taken photos all my adult life. Now I want to take great photos!

  74. Hi everyone, I joined a while ago but finally have some time now to get started. Looking forward to learning how to use my camera properly.

  75. Hi everyone,excited to be here & learn how to take proper photos,enjoy & lets do this.

  76. Hi all!! Well I joined this course a couple of weeks ago and I am so excited about learning and achieving some fun, fantastic and interesting photographs! Can’t wait to completely abolish the auto button! 😀

  77. Half way through course and is great, will rarely take photos on auto in the future

  78. I have just started the modules today, really appreciating the principles displayed, up to Module 5

  79. Hi Everyone, well Ive been interested in photography for a while now, hence signing up for this course, soo looking forward to learning how to take some really amazing photos. Especially of my two children.

  80. Hi Everyone
    Hope you are all having a wonderful Xmas. I am just starting out on the course, as I have a little bit more time on my hands. looking forward to it.

  81. Hey all. Hope you all are having a great time so far this summer. Well I have just started the course today but have been shooting for a few years now. I am a furm believer that you can never stop learning. So I got thought I would start the course and fine tune what I love doing the most. I hope you like what you see. Oh and by the way I think there are some amazing photo’s up in this gallery..

  82. Here we go, let’s get into it and discover how to take a mighty fine photo of six.

  83. Hi everyone, i’m Aaron. I have just signed up for this course and i am excited to get started.

  84. Hi everyone, I’ve just registered and I’m really excited! I look forward to learning more and taking better photos!

  85. A fantastic course. Really stimulating and inspiring! It’s great that I can re-visit any of the lessons. I am now taking better pictures with improved composition and exposure. The photoshop tutorials are also invaluable,

  86. Just registered and looking forward to learn, as i am a beginner, as in from zero. Hoping to apply it when ill be at Heineken Open next month.

  87. I’m very excited about starting this course, and in my own time, bought a Canon 60D to take some great photos and I’m sure after this course I will !!

  88. Very excited about this course., and learning all the finer details of photography, and taking pro shots rather than auto shots!

  89. Hi I have been interested in photography for a number of years – now its time to improve my knowledge and skills. Travelling to Spain and Ireland next year so really looking forward to improving by then.

  90. Hi fellow photographers. I love taking photos but I know I can do much better and am looking forward to this course. As we are travelling all the time in Oz I have so many opportunities to capture amazing places, animals and people. Very Excited

  91. Time to get started and get my camera out of auto mode. Off on holidays in February and want to take some awesome piccies!

  92. Hi, I am just starting today also….. Love taking photos….. Want to improve my technique! My life has had a few changes of late and taking pics is the best thing for me at present!

  93. Module 1 & 2 down, looking forward to learning more about apertures, shutter speed, etc, so I can get off of the auto setting:-)

  94. Hi fellow photo buffs! Just started today, very excited. My Canon EOS Rebel was purchased in 2006 – have been dreaming of the 7D – even the 6D! But will wait and see how I feel after the course.

  95. Have had my canon eos 1000D for nearly 3 years, time to ditch the auto function and get creative, module 1 down wish I didn’t have work tomorrow so I could keep going!!

  96. Hi -am enjoying course – just finished module 11 – more difficult – but learning lots – looking forward to putting it into practice!!

  97. Hi, I have just completed the course and I loved it, cant wait to put all I have learned to practice.

  98. Hi guys.
    I love taking photos and capturing special moments so i decided to learn more about my camera and myself.

  99. Hello all just starting out and looking forward to understanding my camera better to get more enjoyment out of photography

  100. Can’t wait to understand more about my camera other than the auto function, bring on the beautiful shots 🙂

  101. Just about to get started on Module 1 – really looking forward to mastering my camera and taking some great photos

  102. Hi all, I’m just about to start this course, I joined my daughter up too; we are looking forward to doing this as a fun thing together

  103. Just finished Module 12 – Finding the tests harder as I go along, but really enjoying the course.

  104. Just finished the whole course. Have a book of good notes to remind me what to do and a small collection of commercial photos from magazines I like to see if I can imitate. Excellent course and with no pressure to complete perfect for busy people. Thanks for inspiring me to take less better photos Janette

  105. I’m looking forward to learning how to use my camera to its full potential and to put into practice what I learn in the course and start taking better photos.

  106. Hi all, I have just passed Module 1 and really loooking forward to completing this course. I am so excited 🙂

  107. Just about to start this course! My friend gifted me the course so I can do the photography for her upcoming wedding. I’ve loved photography since highschool but never committed myself to any training. Maybe this will be a career change that I am looking for….. 🙂

  108. Hi All, Well Im just getting started today. Am pretty excited as I have a gorgeous 3 year old grandson who I want to take cool photos of, and a new granddaughter arriving this month. Looking forward to learning how to use my camera.

  109. Just joined today loving it so far just completed module 1 I am not great at taking photo’s just addicted to it adore searching for great moments in my life to keep forever my favorite form of photography is Macro alas I killed my awesome camera now down to using a compact camera yuk but love viewing other photographers gorgeous captures in their life and learning all about taking great shots and how cameras work .

  110. Well I bought myself a Nikon 3200 dslr camera and am in complete awe of it. Have been using aperture for the depth or field. My fave so far is a mere drink bottle that looks like it is in 3d.

  111. Wow just completed module 11 & 12. Great information. Now I need to put this into use but doing some high impact photography. Waiting to do a field trip to get some DOF and Landscapes. Thanks for the educations modules.

  112. I have just clicked into the Photoshop tutorial part. If you haven’t already, you’ve got to watch the ‘promotional’ video – it’s hilarious. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time!

  113. Well it has taken me two weeks to read my camera manual! I have learnt some interesting things, but still need to play with some of the settings. Paula my camera is a point and shoot, but while reading the manual I discovered that it has a built in light meter and more. Just a suggestion, but maybe your camera can do more than you think. After doing a few modules try reading your manual. Like me, you may be suprised! Good Luck 🙂

  114. just started, done module 1,passed, but remember to read all the options before ticking the box

  115. Hi, PJ here, just started the course and really excited to get on with it and learn to take better photos.

  116. Hi Just starting the course and am excited to learn more about my camera and how to get more “good” shots

  117. Just passed module 6. But man so can wait till I can save up and get a better camera, one that I can play around with the setting. Cant do that on my point and shoot camera I have right now =(

  118. Started the course about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Learning heaps and have realised the importance of understanding using manual mode. Just completed Module 6. So good to get of Auto and feel in control.

  119. Having used my camera for a long time I am now looking forward to learning how to use it properly. very important for me as I need to be able to show good shots of my orchids

  120. Working through the course for a second time, just to reinforce all that useful information. Hoping to remember all the good tips and advice, and put them into practice.

  121. Just finished Module 3. Going to find out what my camera can do without it being on ‘Auto’ mode!

  122. This is something I have been meaning to do for such a long time. Looking forward to getting started and viewing everyones work!!

  123. Just finished module 11. Off to a wedding this weekend, so time to try and newly learnt skills. Fingers crossed for some good shots.

  124. I have been using my camera for a long time,without knowing all the principles.continuing in to Module 5,Its all start to make sense.Thank you Click Team

  125. Learning HEAPS and an easy to follow course. Also just posted in the forum as i have been able to do some testing on cheap aftermarket batteries to replace the Canon LP-E6, I am interested in hearing from others if you have had any experance with these.

  126. Looking forward to getting started. Hope to take some good photos and share ideas with friends here.

  127. Hi, I’m just about to get started with this course, hope your all doing well 🙂

  128. Up to module 6 and I can comfortably read and interpret light and aperture 🙂 Cant wait to get to the nature and people pictures module 🙂

  129. Am about to start this course and can’t wait. Looking forward to learning something new!

  130. Hi. I have just joined this course and hope to increase my knowledge base on how to take a great photo and also meet like-minded fun people along the way.

  131. Finally found the time to log on and get started. Can’t wait to learn how to get the best out of my camera!!

  132. So looking forward to starting the course. Thanks to my son for gifting this to me. Yiphee lets begin

  133. I am eager to get started and receive feedback as well as look at other peoples great photos.

  134. hey all i signed up yesterday and i cant wait to start taking amazing photos

  135. Just finished the intro module 1 – I have so much to learn and am super excited to have some fun with it!

  136. Hi – I have just joined. Looking forward to learn more about the settings on my digital camera.

  137. Hi All. I have been learning how to take better photos for a while now and look forward to gaining more knowledge and friends through the Click Photography Course.

  138. Just joined and looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and application of course contents.

  139. Have just joined and really looking forward to learning more about photography and how to take those perfect images no matter what lighting, topic or location 🙂

  140. Just finished module 4, and I love the bucket principle. Manual mode is suddenly making a lot more sense. Looking forward to learning more.

  141. Hi, I just bought a new dslr, but i’m not new to photography, I had a slr 30 years ago but with digital it’s changed a bit. looking forward a new style and swapping ideas with like minded people.

  142. This is all new to me, the course that is! Looking forward to learning some tricks and putting them to practice…

  143. About to start my course, look forward to learning how to use my camera to its full potential.

  144. I am just about to start the course, and really looking forward to it. My great love is macro photography, along with wildlife.

  145. Have now finished the course and found it most beneficial to get to grips with my new camera. Now wait for the spring weather to come to hopefully go and get some well composed photos, that is the challenge.

  146. First few modules were too easy.. but then bang on the next module I learnt something new.. now we are talking

  147. Have just joined and now need to make time to start getting through the course content!! have a new camera and a new baby (well 8 mths new) so let the clicking begin

  148. Just started the course and can’t believe how talented all you Clickers are! Hope I can improve my skills, too.

  149. Just completed module 10 – roll on module 11. Can’t wait to find the time to practice what I’ve learnt.

  150. I joined this a few months ago and as yet have not been able to start. Life has been really hectic, so I am really looking forward to getting a break and getting started. Bit nervous about having tests though, haven’t done any of that in many, many years. Exciting but scary

  151. After I finish the course I will have to revisit all the countries I’ve visited all over again just to take the perfect shots! 🙂

  152. Just past modules 1 & 2 really looking forward to learning more and heading off on my next holiday to capture some great shots 🙂

  153. Am new to all of this, looking forward to getting into it, let the fun begin!

  154. Hello i’m looking forward to gaining some awesome knowledge and one day expanding on this and can’t wait to meet ya’ll =]

  155. have just completed the course and printed out my certificate! Learned heaps and am super keen to put everything into practice. Had already a professional photographer comment on my facebook page how much better my product photos are ( he did not know I did this course) – so this was a great encouragement and affirmation that I’m well on track! thank you Click Photography!!!!

  156. I have just completed the ‘Click” course. I found it a really good course. Easy to follow and understand. Thanks!

  157. Just Came back from a skiing trip and wish i learned more about metering. Would have had better results on some of the pictures. Anyhow im learning a lot! 50% of the course done all with almost perfect scores.

  158. Hi
    I am new at this but hope to learn and share lots of beautiful pics of NZ

  159. just completed Lesson 4…silly not reading the questions properly :/
    Am however making progress with my camera, slowly getting the feel for it and understanding quite a bit more. Excited!

  160. Just got the confidence to upload a photo I’m happy with. It’s funny I’m now looking for things to photgraph in different ways due to this course.

  161. What a journey! 15 modules completed. 80% or better in all. I never thought I would do that!

  162. Halfway through the course and I’m really having good fun and I’m learning lots!

  163. Done with aperture and Light, so far im liking the bucket idea that’s something new. The MAGIC mode!!! Classic! Module 1-4 Done! 39 out of 40 so far… Silly mistake!

  164. Added some pics to the gallery. Finished part 1 and 2 with tests (they were funny as!).

  165. Hi Just about to start the course, I’m really looking forward to getting to know my camera better!

  166. Hi there. Loving this course! Have always wanted to do something like this. On to module 5.

  167. Just finished my first module and cannot wait to carry on with the rest, i’ve been wanting to do a course for a long time !! very excited to learn

  168. whoo hoo progressing along… not quite half way. Is anyone else dreaming and breathing f-stops?

  169. Hi everyone 🙂
    Finally getting to start this course 🙂 Looking forward to the challenges

  170. 2 more course to go .yeyyyy . is amazing . I realllllllyyyyy enjoy it so far 🙂

  171. I love photography and cant wait to learn more about how to get the best photo!

  172. Just started! Looking forward to what this course will bring me and my future!

  173. Finally managed to get back to this fantastic course. F stops and depth of field still confuse me but I’m getting there 🙂

  174. Hey guys,
    I have just posted a few my pictures. Hope you like them. Will post more soon if the weather is good.
    Love my camera now that I can get out of auto and fiddle with big M

  175. Can’t wait to see that certificate. Thank you click Photography I am almost there. With this certificate I can now do my Diploma.

  176. Just completed Modules 1 & 2……going well…lookin forward to the next 16 !

  177. After a couple of weeks break, have just completed module 5, really enjoying it, learning so much, confidence is soaring! So bring on the next module!!

  178. I just finished module 9 I got 70% I just passed that took me a while one of my hardest ones so far

  179. Hi everyone, have completed the course and have my certificate. It was great learnt so much and really enjoyed it!! Thank you Click Photography!!

  180. Woohoo just completed the course, learned loads. Thanks Click Photography.

  181. I’m just about to start module 4 now and have had lots of fun so far. I am looking forward to learning more about how to take control of my camera and take some great shots with optimal exposure.

  182. The photoshop modules are great. Really easy to understand and replicate.

  183. Looking forward to starting the course which will hopefully lead me to be able to take better quality photographs!

  184. It has taken me about 6 months to MAKE the time to do this. I looooooove taking photos, really excited about leaning more.

  185. Hi It has taken me weeks to get to this page, I am so happy . I cant wait to start

  186. Well I have completed 5 modules so far. Must admit the hard part has been finding my way with the new camera!! So many buttons and dials, but suddenly tonight, a lot of things just kind of fell into place. Now looking forward to some time to actually get out and take some photos. Great course!!

  187. I just passed module 5 I started the course for days ago and I am totally loving it

  188. Just working my way around here then keen to pick up the camera and get started. Love the look of the amazing photography in the student showcase. Can’t wait to have some to share!

  189. Just about to start my first module. Has taken me ages to get to this stage. very hopeful I’ll learn heaps from the course.

  190. I am only up to module 3 and i am loving it.cannot wait to finish the course.

  191. Hi everyone! I just registered today and so excited about this course! 🙂

  192. Looking forward to starting course and learning to take great photos1

  193. Just about to start module 17,really enjoyed this course! Module 9 metering modes was the one I struggled with the most! A great course though and learning loads!

  194. Hi, I’m just starting out on the course and am very nervous, but excited to be learning how to use my camera properly too!

  195. Just completed this course! Learnt so much and now can invest in a dslr camera! 🙂

  196. Can’t wait to get started, haven’t been able to find the time to start yet, but am looking forward to it.

  197. just reached the half way point, struggled a bit with the metering module. but passed it. onwards and upwards

  198. Hi Everyone, i am hoping to learn as much as i can as i have little knowledge with my new camera. I am hoping to take some pictures worthy of being put up on my walls.

  199. HI there, I have been meaning to do this for ages…SO now every Wed, no excuses is click photography night…just have to do it! I have completed course 1, 100% but that seems common, we will see how it goes..see you all next Wed

  200. Really excited in starting the photography course! Looking forward to learning heaps more on photography and my camera!!

  201. Hi everyone, the student images are very inspiring hoping I will be able to photograph as good as those just completed module 1 good luck all x

  202. I have been wanting to get into learning more about photography for years… I finally purchased myself a camera and signed up to Click Photography. Cannot wait to start learning and experimenting with photos. BRING IT ON!! 🙂

  203. Hi All,
    I have just signed up and looking forward to getting started as soon as I have a great camera…any suggestions on the best and easiest digital SLR I could take a look at? 😉

  204. I cant wait to be able to take amazing pictures and learn how to get the best from my camera 🙂

  205. I am just about to start the course and am looking forward to learning and sharing.

  206. Hi,Just finished module 8.Having a ball,i’m with you Angela had trouble with my f numbers as well but got there in the end,good luck to all.

  207. I am just starting the course, been dabbling in photography for 20years but never studied. Im down In Baldivis area, if anyone has some free time and wants to shoot somewhere and chat, lets get together somewhere sometime.
    I am particularly interested in doing portraits and Theatre photography.

  208. hi, I just started this course. I hope i will learn the magic of camera.

  209. Hi, also just passed Module 1, Feels great to have made a good start, hope all doing well x

  210. WELL her I am finally found the time to Log and Have a look around. Hopefully Ill get around to doing some course study soon

  211. Just finished Module 5 – Aperature, A lot to take in and understand. Struggled a wee bit, but passed the module. 🙂

  212. Hi All, Have just found the time to get started on thhe course and am really excited about it.

  213. Hello everybody, just starting too…very excited!! I know nothing so sure to learn heaps!

  214. Just about to start the course and really looking forward to learning more so I am game enough to get off ‘auto’.

  215. Hi to everyone, i am really enjoying this course i have learnt loads i am now on module 9, i got stuck on aperture gosh that scramble my brain got there in the end. Good luck to everyone

  216. I have just completed this course and i found the last two modules the most useful for me. I loved the course. Thank you

  217. Hi all,
    I have just joined this course, and am really looking forward to improving my camera skills.

  218. Hi Guys, Just starting, have been loving taking snaps of my friends and their beautiful families, can’t wait to learn more and taking some great pics 🙂

  219. Hi Guys, just starting Module 1. Really looking forward to learning heaps. Cheers Shaz

  220. I am mainly used to being infront of the camera (model) now i have just passed module 6 and i have learnt so much already! Best of luck to you all 🙂

  221. Hi all, I am now on Level 7, got a bit stuck on Aperture, I know.. ‘Oh Really” learning so much

  222. just completed module 5 i too struggled to get my head around the f stops etc but ive got a better understanding of them now.

  223. Hi, I have just completed Module 5. Really was struggling to get my head around all the F numbers & what they meant but think I understand better now.

  224. I have completed and passed this amazing course. I am looking forward to getting out there and practicing what I have learned. I have a long way to go yet as this is a relatively new hobby for me. I have always been the one behind the camera (a point and shoot before now on auto tut.tut I know!) as i hate having my photograph taken (hence no profile pic!). Would recommend this course to anybody who ever picks up a camera.

  225. Hi, just signed up and so looking forward to learn some new skills… so let the creative jucies flow!!

  226. Just completed Module 16 and passed, Whoohoo!!! 🙂 So happy with this course. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to further themselves in photography.

  227. Hiya I’m Wendy…really looking forward to learning how to use my camera properly and getting great photos…

  228. Have just completed levels 1-3 in the last hour, i am having fun and learning at the same time! Finally think i am going to get out off that ‘auto’ button…

  229. Hi all looking forward to learning more on my eos 550d just hope i can master it

  230. I joined 4 days ago and have completed Modules 1-12 with 10×100% and 2×90%. Really enjoying it so far 🙂

  231. just completed module 3 100%. like Rob before me looking forward to getting creative with the settings in next module.

  232. Just finished level 3 , can’t wait to learn how to control the settings and get creative.

  233. Hi guys, been taking photos since I was seven and think it’s about time I learn to do it right and actually use my dslr. Can’t wait to start 🙂

  234. just finished module 2, unfortunately got one wrong. but hey i’m moving on to mod 3

  235. have just completed module 1, 100%, looking forward to carrying on with the rest of the modules.

  236. Course going slow, but enjoying learning about how to take M(Magic) photos

  237. Hi All,
    Im Anne and ive just logged in to start the course,am pretty excited to learn all I can.Will keep you updated as to how im going or I will be yelling out help along the way, one or the other. lol

    Cheers Anne

  238. Hi there, I’m looking forward to inproving and expanding my photographis knowledge.

  239. Hi everyone, just joined and I’m looking forward to finding out about my camera x

  240. I have just finished module 10. My photos have improved so much so far I can’t wait to get more creative!

  241. Hi I have just joined up and am looking forward to improving my skills . I have just recently given up my day job after 18 years and now have time for “me” , things I enjoy, photography being one of them , so here goes………

  242. Hi all, I just started the course and is looking forward to final using my D3100 the right way manual mode. Gone through the first two modules and got 100 and 90% respectively. Waiting the practical bit.

  243. Hi guys. I’m Dave. Nice to meet you all. Just logging in for my first time. Excited for what I’m going to learn!

  244. Hi I’m Oana ,I’m a newbie to this site and looking forward to learning more about photography.:)

  245. Hi There, new to this so be gentle, just wanting to learn more so i can get better…cheers

  246. Well just got through module 5, have realised my camera is much smarter than me! All good fun!

  247. Hiya everyone, just logged on for the first time. Looking forward to learning all that I can and sharing this experience with everyone! Let us all have fun!

  248. Have always used point and shoot cameras before, now have a bridge camera, want to know how to take stunning photos. Have completed modules 1-4 inclusive with scores between 100 and 80% pass rates.

  249. Hi everyone, I’m very new to this but looking forward to learning how to improve my skills and get idea’s on creativity and perfect shots

  250. Hi everyone, I just joined the website today, I’m looking forward to learning more about photography.

  251. Hi I’m rob ,I’m a newbie to this site and looking forward to learning more about photography.

  252. Hey Guys, newbie photographer here, had an SLR for about 2 years now and basically it became a very expensive paper weight, but hopefully with this course i can start capturing some shots i have long admired.

  253. Hello! Newbie photographer here too – it sounds like everyone is getting along really well and seeing improvements with their photography as they work through the modules – hoping it will be the same for me – just need to carve out some quiet time to get started now 🙂

  254. Just finished module 10, now looking forward to getting onto the creative side of things!!

  255. Just completed module 9! I already notice an improvement in my photos and creativity. It’s great knowing how to manipulate the camera for the conditions. Bye bye auto mode 

  256. Hi Everyone. Completed module one and then work and life got in the way. Looking forward to getting back into it. Deep breath, hold the nose and dive right back in. Looking forward to re commencing the journey through the modules. Ubique

  257. Just completed Module 4 and had a huge “ah-ha!” moment when learning about the Bucket Principle. I can’t wait to get out this weekend and put my new found knowledge to practice.

  258. Hi, I am just learning how to use my camera and take great photos. From what I have learned so far has been amazing and have already taken some amazing shots.

    Looking forward to learning some more 🙂

  259. Hi everybody, I’ve just finished module 5 and I’m loving the course so far. I did a basic course 2 years ago so this is a good refresher so far and looks like its going to take me further!

  260. Started this morning and already completed module 4. Was starting to grasp shutter speed and aperture but the bucket rule makes it so much easier to understand, especially now that i know about the light meter! Finding this really useful, and will defo not be using the auto settings any more! M for Magic all the way 🙂

  261. Just completed module 1, very pleased with how easy it is to use and how easy its made to understand 🙂

  262. Yay… just got 100% on first module…. what a great start, hope it continues like that !!

  263. Hi, My name is Angie & I am just starting the course. My husband bought me a Canon Eos for Christmas so I am just learning how to use it properly. I love taking photos of sunsets so lots to learn.

  264. Hi! On my iPad so can’t upload any decent pics yet, but just got my new camera a month ago, am thoroughly enjoying playing with it, and can’t wait to learn more, really glad I am starting this course xx

  265. Hi all. Just joined. I’ve done quite a lot of photography already, but it’s always good to sharpen the skills.

  266. Hi,
    Just bought a camera and just starting this course. I was a point and shoot with a basic digital camera person, hopefully I’ll be taking some great pics shortly.

  267. Yes the bucket principle!!! don’t they make it easy to understand!! Gotta watch some of those trick questions though!! Just finished module 5

  268. Just finished the course and loved it. Great to be able to come back and check out photos and revisit modules as required. Just about to download my certificate Yay!!

  269. Just completed the course, recommended for all.
    This will give a photographer at any level, the theory and background, all you need now is to get out and practice, that makes perfect!

  270. Hi
    Have just finished the course. Found it very interesting and cant wait to put it all into practise.

  271. Hey guys, just started modules and have completed 1 and 2. Would’ve been 100% if like Karigalan Segaran didn’t click “Patience!”

  272. Just signed up after completing the Photography Master class in Sydney where this course was recommended. The new Nikon is set on ‘M’ and I’m ready to go!

  273. Just completed Module 1 and took the test. 90%…..would have got 100% if I didn’t think “patience” is the most important resource for a photographer!!

  274. Looks like it will be a very well designed course and I have just started Module 1 and now I’m hooked.
    I have been taking photos for a long time and grew up watching my father take and develop his own black ‘n white photos many years ago. I know a bit about photography, but need to learn a lot more. I have just purchased a Nikon D600 and can’t wait to up my level of creativity. I need this course to improve my amateurish approach, as I have taken many thousands of photos of my world wide travels (www.leoslatest.com) for anyone interested.
    My goal is one module a week. Can’t wait for next week.

  275. OK so here I am on day 1 just having a look around. I am really looking forward to this course and being able to work my dslr camera properly. always keen to learn new skills.

  276. Today is Day 1 of what I hope to be a very enjoyable learning experience and the end of just point and shoot photography on auto. I am currently in between a camera and a dslr. Can do everything almost a slr can do without the interchangeable lenses.

  277. Well module one was really easy 100%. Partner bought US a new camera yesterday, wow, never used a ‘real’ camera before so this will be exciting.

  278. Hi everyone, I’ve just started the course today and I hope that it is as good as all the comments I have read so far say it is. looking forwards to the next stage

  279. Barb Ross: Absolutely loving this course. Have finished 13 modules so far and cant believe how much I have learnt. The manner this course is delivered is outstanding. “MAGIC” is the only setting I use now.
    Only negative is I can never upload photo’s onto here.
    Good luck to everyone beginning this course, you’ll love it.

  280. Just finished module 15 its great. The impact of the course, I took some pics on my mobile and saw the difference. Thought of taking cam with me tomorrow and use during lunch time.

  281. currently at module 7. fighting 8 more modules to go. Its an interesting way of learning it online.

  282. Hello All, Looking forward to using my camera out of auto mode as my quick click fashion. There is lots to see and do here so wanting to capture the experience for the great memories. Here I go to start another adventure, module one. 🙂

  283. Hey, beautiful people click at first sight, so let’s take more photos & share the memories!!! Starting Module 1 now, exciting 🙂

  284. Hey everyone, just signed up for the course, looking forward to where the journey takes me!

  285. Hey Sharon, A BIG Thank You from all the team at “CLICK”! Your comments and feedback have made our day 🙂 There has been soooo much work involved in preparing this course. Our goal has been to inspire people to enjoy taking better photos and to read your comments has made every second that we’ve spent totally worthwhile. ENJOY YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY !!!

  286. Woohoo! I’m taking a basic course already but i feel i am learning more technical things here… my basic course is more hands on and but this course compliments that very well….

  287. I have just completed this amazing course. I have learnt more in this course than I have in any other photography course online or with a group and photographer or book..
    I must also say the PS tutorials are the best.I have used PS for several years, and it now is so simple to use. Awesome job….
    I will continue to use the modules in Click photography as refresher when I am feeling forgetful.
    My camera is now on manual and have not changed since starting this course.
    I feel more confident that my photography will improve 10 fold.
    Thank you to everyone involved in creating such a wonderful, exciting and very simple learning experience. I have enjoyed every minute of it.
    The certificate is a pleasant surprise, I thought it would be plain with a few words. Very well presented. Again Thank you so very much…… Sharon

  288. Hello everyone,just joined course today looking forward to improving my photography.

  289. Its great working on different modules and implementing them capturing some phtographs……..great going. Finished 11 modules till now.

  290. Hi everyone. I’m brand new at this and I’m still trying to upload a profile pic….lol but it won’t work for me. Suggestions please??? I’ve never had this problem before 🙁

  291. I just finished the course and I did learn a lot. Thanks Clickphotography

  292. Yay – 18 modules done & dusted & most importantly enjoyed . Learned heaps and now only use the camera on Manual – Exactly what I wanted – to now how to use my camera properly – Many Thanks 🙂

  293. Hi everyone!! Ben from Singapore is learning photography. Cant wait to master my photography skills.

  294. Finally finished the course and have my certificate. Hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I have.

  295. Hey Everyone – just the new kid on the block… hope to get the hang of things as I go along the course. 🙂

  296. Hello World!!! I’m very new here. Still abit confused about going around this site. But will get the hang over it soon. Starting my module now. Well enjoy learning everyone!


  297. So far so good, am up to lesson 7 and have been getting good scores 🙂 The flexibility of the course is wonderful! Can log on whenever I have some spare time. Now all I have to do is remember everything and put it to use!

  298. Started a few weeks ago – up to Module 11 and finding all the tips and info so valuable. After all these years of tinkering it is great to actually know what all the settings do and I am looking forward to experimenting!

  299. HI guys, I have just signed up for the course and cant wait to get started..cheers!!!

  300. Hi everyone. Just started and am already confused as to how to post a comment – finally worked out that the comment box was right down the bottom of the page. Here’s hoping that it’s all down hill from here!

  301. Just finished the course, which was great. Thought I knew a lot but learned heaps more. Got 8 100%’s and most of the rest where 80 & 90%, so am pleased with myself. Only one module gave me some trouble and had to take a few tries at but got there in the end. I will definitely keep popping back to the site to see what is new and looking at the photos posted by course members,which I really enjoy doing.

  302. I’m a point & click photographer hoping to learn a whole lot more. After reading some comments it sounds like I’m in the right place.

  303. Done in a day and only missed the ‘cheeky choice’ questions……hehe….

  304. Decided to re-do the course again and its amazing how much I have actually remembered this time….3 x 100% this time and a miss on a silly ‘all of the above’ question. Yep, it is easy to learn and sometimes, easier to keep learning!

  305. Phew! After some time off due to work commitments I finally managed to finish Module 5 with a 90% pass. Now off to Module 6. Still enjoying it and learning as well.

  306. Its all satisfied, I am doing great. Learning lots of new techniques, like panning and multiple exposures during fireworks. Much excited to implement learning soon, may be tomorrow after lunch during walk. Happy to achieve 100% in exams…..

  307. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I started and I’ve just completed Module 5 with a 90% score – the majority of modules scoring 100%. I am really looking forward to putting the head knowledge into practice before I proceed any further – especially with Fstops and shutter speed – but I can see that I will need to read my camera manual as well.

  308. Looking forward to learning how to take great photos with my DSLR using manual settings…..can’t wait to learn!

  309. Finally got around to logging on and am keen to start the course. Hope to learn lots of ideas to improve my photography.

  310. So excited i have started this course mod1 completed and perfect score. I was so nervous about doing this with a busy life of 2 wee ones in tow and glad i have finaly taken the jump to do something for me this year. The student showcase is inspiring too. Look forward to taking great photos

  311. got yah! another good score for module 3 and 4. great tips must be remembered and applied to come up with Great photographs!

  312. wow! got perfect score for module 1 and 2, hopefully, i will get same score until the end of this course. 🙂

  313. Just starting the course…Have been using DSLR for few years and also have been using Manual mode but thought of taking up this to see if can improve my skills….Cheers

  314. newbie here in photography course but i would like to improve my talent, hoping that this course would definitely right for me. 🙂

  315. Don’t you hate when you pick a correct answer but get marked wrong coz you should have picked “all of the above” That is really annoying me. Does anyone else feel like this?? I am having fun refreshing myself with this course though, up to mod12

  316. OK – I have a new camera and ready to learn how to use it to take good photos – wish me luck – see you on the other end.

  317. hi everyone, i have signed up today and am looking forward to learning more about taking great pics.
    cheers from Auckland, NZ

  318. Hi Everyone, Have talked about doing a photography course for year and finally have taken the first step. Am excited to get started.

  319. Hi there, just about to start first module. We are heading to South Africa in July so hoping for some great tips.

  320. Hi,I purchased the course on the very day it was introduced but did not get a chance to begin the modules because of other pressing commitments – starting today as it is soooooo very hot and a good time to start! Looking forward to becoming an expert!! hopefully in the quickest possible timeframe!! I’ve got a good DSLR and have taken some great photos but mostly on auto – so I am looking forward to switching to manual.

  321. Just joined and looking forward to starting course down here in Invercargill, NZ

  322. Starting today and looking forward to it, Hoping to hone my skills!! Here’s to great shots in the future!

  323. Hi there my name is Heidi and I am a new student starting today. Looking forward to learning heaps more.

  324. Working through Module 17 now & the Photoshop tutorials. These are very informative & I can’t wait to try my hand at some photo editing 🙂

  325. Hi to you all. One down, 17 to go. If the modules all follow the same format this is going to be great and I expect to learn quite a bit as I advance through. Looking forward to my next module. Catch ya later. Ubique.

  326. Well here I go, a long time desire to take amazing photos of my world and the people and things in it got me to this point. Looking forward to learning and sharing with the rest of this click group.

  327. Just signed up, am looking forward to learning lots of new skills to use in the field, want it to come to me easily. 🙂

  328. Hi. Just starting this course and looking forward to learning how to use my camera effectively.

  329. Just starting, looking forward to learning . I’m really excited !!!!

  330. Woo! Module two done, gives great basics and a couple of things that you wouldnt always think of doing being new to the field.

  331. Just about to start the course, really looking forward to learning more about photography and the equipment – am an absolute beginner 🙂

  332. Hi All just joining the click photo-click looking forward to the journey hope I can improve my shots to the show case standards I have seen.

  333. Up to Module 8 now and feels like I’m into the “nitty gritty”. Learning about ISO was interesting in the last module. Sometimes I read over the modules a couple of times to make sure I’ve got it but the explanations are very good. I enjoy having my camera beside me when I’m doing the modules so that I can play with the settings as I’m learning about them. I must admit that I’ve had to refer to my camera manual a few times as well to find things!

  334. Hi everyone just finished the 4th module I’m really enjoying the course so far looking forward to learning more

  335. Hi all, I am about to embark on the “click” journey. Have been a photography student about 10 years ago when we learnt how to develop film and prints. That was amazing, but have decided to rekindle my flame for photography. I am super excited i just hope i can find the time as i have 4 boisterous boys that keep me my toes! On the upper hand i won’t be short of ‘models’ for any photo shoots 😉

  336. Hi all. I have just finished the course. Got a lot out of it and found the photoshop modules very helpful for improving my saved portraits. Just wish I had done this earlier. Cheers.

  337. Hi everyone, Michael here. Just about to start the adventure and all your comments are encouraging. My tour of the course already has me salivating with anticipation. Look forward to chatting with you all over the coming months. Ubique.

  338. I’m about to start and your comments are helping me be positive about this experience

  339. Just finished module 12 passed with 100. I am finding it a great course and easy to understand.

  340. I have completed all the modules and printed out my certificate. I can now say that I will never need to have my camera set to auto as I know how to control the functions on my digital camera. I have an Iphone, a small point and shoot digital camera and also a good DSLR, each of them all can produce a good photo by controlling the different settings however the DSLR lets me make more acurate and precise images. I have been a photography student in the past but it was great to have a refresher course to remind me of the things I had learnt, although it was back in the film days the same concept still applies. I really enjoyed this course and especially enjoyed the last two modules regarding Photoshop with being able to manipulate and create an even better photo. Thank you Click :0)

  341. Hi just completed Module 5 and finding I’m understanding my camera so much better. Tested this morning at sunrise and sunprised how many shots turned out ok. However still work to be done!

  342. Hey guys – have just finished module seven and everyone else is so right – its where it all starts coming together! Before module four I felt like I wasn’t learning a lot but after doing the next three modules and getting outside with my camera to practice I am stoked!

  343. Hi, i am just a new comer. looking forward to learn all I can about photography and make some good use of the spare time that I have. I am so impressed with the photos I have seen here and hope I can produce some of the same quality.

  344. Up to Module 5 now and have finally got the confidence to try using Manual settings. I think things will start ‘clicking’ into place soon.

  345. Just finished Module 5. Still getting my head around aperture and shutter speed for depth of field. Just takes practice I guess.

  346. Wow module 5,6,7 have being really helpful to me to understand how it all comes together.

  347. I am up to mod 11 and am still enjoying my course.. Very easy to follow and very informative.. Thanks 🙂

  348. Loving this course and the easy to understand explanations on how things work. I’m up to module 8 and can’t wait to use my Camera on the weekend for Wakeboarding Sports Shots : )

  349. Hi all, I have just started module 2. I’m really impressed with the slide shows & layout and looking forward to progressing through the course.

  350. Really enjoying this course. Have just completed module 13 and am really keen to get some lighting gear. Also I have found keeping a note book with things that I have found helpful to me through the course with settings when out and about taking photo’s. Hoping to try out my new found skills over the weekend.

  351. Hi everyone just finished module 1 I’m really enjoying it so far looking forward to learning more

  352. Hi there just joined and looking forward to learning a great deal about digital photography. will upload a pic a little later when I take a good one hehehehe.

  353. Hi All, a new comer, joined to learn what the buttons all mean on my camera.
    Cant wait to start, you all sound so positive 🙂

  354. Hi Trisha, Just a quick note to say “HI” and thank you for being such an enthusiastic member. We really appreciate all your feedback and our team at CLICK is thrilled that you are enjoying the course and learning at the same time. Keep up the good work !!

  355. I have just completed module number ten… I am loving this course … and learning so much…. Thank you Click Photography.. !!!

  356. hi all, hoping to learn how to take some “real” photo’s.just upgraded to a dslr, and hoping to find out what all the buttons do!

  357. Hi I have just joined Click photography, and are excited about learning the technical side to add to my love of photography!

  358. Just completed module one, really easy to get around, and very informative without being over loading. I know it was only the first one, but looking forward to doing the rest!

  359. Just completed my first module, and i’m loving it! The slideshows are wonderfully set out and i’m finding it very enjoyable and informative 🙂

  360. Ya just finished module 4, yes there was a couple of trick questions, not to worry still got 80% just have to be more carefull in the coming modules

  361. Have just completed Module 13. For those of you who are behind me, please continue as this course gets better and better and you certainly learn a great deal. Highly recommended to this point. Cheers, Anthony

  362. Just finished module 2 with flying colours. I did a photography course 10 years ago and just getting back into it. Looks like it is going to be a great course and I am looking forward to the other modules.

  363. Getting tricked now and then. e.g. My camera does not have a light meter, but an ev+or- to show correct exposure – only in the viewfinder and on all the time.

  364. I learnt basic Photography as a high school subject, 50 years ago. This course is filling in the blanks very effectively.

  365. Really looking forward to learning how to use my camera properly. Hope to share some stunning photos as the course continues.

  366. Hi, I just completed module 4 and excited about continuing to find out how to correctly set my camera settings.

  367. Hi everyone,
    Have just finished module 1 and I am really excited about what is still to come.
    I am so excited about improving my photography skills and getting better photographs in return. Have a great day.

  368. Oooops, got bitten by a trick question in Module 4. Never to mind still passed with 80%. Shall try harder not to get bitten again. Looking forward to Module 5.

  369. Loving this course, 4 modules down all with 100% pass. I like doing a module a week it gives me time to process the information and play with my camera as I go.

  370. Hi everyone, I’ve just joined Click Photography, and honestly cant wait to start with the first module. I’ve been looking for an online course, and finally!! Exciting times ahead 🙂

  371. I am a dinosaur when it comes to technology so hope this course has an idiot’s guide so that I understand how to use my 1st DLSR camera – I need good luck

  372. Hi everyone, Photography has always ben a hobby of mine and I am looking forward to learning more about it.

  373. A very enjoyable course. It’s great being able to do it in my own time frame. Photography has been a life long interest, but only since doing this course have I fully understood all about the light meter. Very keen now to get amongst it!

  374. I attended the masterclass this morning and came home and joined on here. I am having a look around the site and looking forward to getting into the online modules. Hopefully it will all ‘click’ into place with ease soon and I will just ‘know’ what to do without looking at instructions 🙂

  375. All done and passed. Now I just need to put everything into practice, I hope I can do “Click Photography” proud

  376. How good is this course…up to module 12 now. Feeling sorry for my family who have become unwitting guinea pigs 🙂

  377. Yeah… completed Module 3 with flying colours, my second pass of 100%. Looking forward to Module 4.

  378. Hi all, Have completed the course and printed the certificate, what a great course now all I need to do is put all I have learned into practice, then continue to improve on things, you never know I might even become a good photographer one of these days !!

  379. Completed this very informative course with flying colours. Hardest part was getting the certificate to print out correctly using Windows 8! Thank you for a very helpful and simply worded course!

  380. Hi, got this as a gift from hubby, can’t wait to start. Looks like the place to improve my photography skills 🙂

  381. Hi everyone! Just joined and am very excited to start. I am looking forward to improving my photography & see how far I can push myself. Hope it’s not too hard 😛

  382. A big Howdy to all our CLICKERS!
    Just a heads up… make sure you take a look at a couple of new items in our resources section. There are some awesome ways to even further improve your skills 🙂

  383. So cruising along module by module. Don’t be caught out by the little tricky questions thrown in here and there, sure keeps you on your toes but have passed all 8 modules so far!

  384. Hi I have just finished module 13 the information is very informative and well presented and fun too!!

  385. I am really enjoying this course. I have completed 6 modules so far 7 can’t wait to complete the rest. Robert L.

  386. well I bought a new camera, my first DSLR, a Sony a-550, and am finally learning what its features are… and what they do.. its mostly revision, as my first camera was a box brownie, and I am regaining what I used to know, and how to apply it to a digital camera.

  387. I’m cruising through the course modules, only 5 to go, I mostly want to learn for holiday snaps and family pics, but as I go further some of the trick photography shots look fun.

  388. Hi all, have been very time challenged (since working 5 days a week, running a hobby farm and looking after hubby) but have finally finished Module 2 with a 90% pass rate…. have learnt quit a bit and looking forward to the next module…. good luck to everyone else.

  389. Have completed the first 4 modules. 100% for first 3 and then silly me 80% for Module 4. Finding course very enjoyable so far.

  390. ok, so don’t be fooled by some trick answers as they can be considered true…. silly me!! 90 out of 100 in module 4, but 100 out of 100 in the last 3. I’m doing alright.

  391. Eager to learn but very “time challenged” love how there is no time limit and I can come back when I can find some time…..

  392. Hi Clickers, Cant wait to get stuck into the course and learn how to take some awesome pics 🙂

  393. I love that the more I learn here, the more I feel confident in taking photos. All it takes is a proper understanding of the settings.

    I just completed Module 5, and went outside straight away to test my knowledge of DOF. I had fun 🙂

  394. I did photography back in Highschool using film cameras & have always thought to myself why I could never achieve the same look using digital cameras. Now with completing Module 4 its all coming back to me, and I’m very excited to start taking photos the way I want them to look, not the way AUTO chooses for me!

  395. Yeah, just completed module 1 with a score off 100% can’t wait for module 2…I love photography!

  396. Module 4 is really great. I took some pictures during module 4
    Those were very impressive. Thanks Click photography

  397. Hi, just signed up for the photography course. Looking forward to learn more about photography:)

  398. Hi ya’ll…Woop, woop… I just completed module 1 and passed with 100%. Learnt a few little things I was unaware of and looking forward to the next module.

  399. Hi all, I just completed my first module with a passing score of 100, loved it, looking forward to the next module.

  400. Hi I’m half way through the course and I am starting to remember how I had to do things before the advent of the AUTO settings on cameras, it’s more fun this way! makes you think rather than just click.

  401. Just finished module 5 and now feel like im really starting to learn how to get the sort of photos I am after, got a long way to go but have to start somewhere!

  402. Hi all! We had a gremlin in the system this morning and our server was down.

    The problem has been rectified and you should now be able to login successfully

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  403. Yay….. completed Module 1 with flying colors…. 100% pass…. yes I am very excited about it all and looking forward to Module 2. Good luck to everyone else who have just joined.

  404. I have completed modules 1 and 2 and achieved 100 out of 100 for each… looking forward to completing the rest of the course.

  405. Just joined and very excited to get started. My wife bought me both the camera and this course for me. So she either loves me a lot or is preparing me for the credit card bill from Christmas. I am prepared to go with the former, for now.

  406. Hi, I’ve just signed up and am really looking forward to getting into my photography again!

  407. Hi all i just signed up am so excited about photography and learning more this should be really fun to see what i can create.

  408. Hi, I am so exicted to be starting this course. I simply love the photos in the gallery and cant wait to see what I can create through this course. I love photos that tell a story or share an emotion. Its so good and inspiring to see other people who love photography

  409. just had look in the emails and there is my certifcate and now it is printed and laminated

    thank you

  410. anyone here doing this course that lives in perth ,that would like to get together for a night shoot in perth. you can mesage me through here

  411. well what can i say ,this a great course very well set out and very easy to understand thank you ,

  412. Hi there… have just signed up. Looking forward to learning more about photography 🙂

  413. Hi, I have just signed up for this course and I am so excited!!! I love taking photos and can’t wait to learn heaps!!!!

  414. Just signed up for the course. Looking forward to learning more about photography and meeting new people with same interest.

  415. Have finished the course and printed off my certificate. Thank you for a very clear and enjoyable course. Cheers, Rosemary

  416. Hi im Di just signed up today, have always loved taking photos but want to learn more as im going to vietnam in july. really want to learn more 🙂

  417. Enjoying the course especially now when it gets harder to score 100.am at module nine

  418. Can we put up a coment on student photos if we really like them.. I can’t see how.. but someone commented on my black and white .. well sepia.. photo I took of my daughter.. ? And PS Thanks I really appreciated the possitive feedback I was given

  419. Started this week and have completed two modules. Enjoying it! Good luck to everyone

  420. Hi everyone, just signed up today. Going to Thailand in 2 weeks so really need to get stuck into this course – wish me luck!

  421. Done and dusted and Certificate in the frame…..thank you Click, I will be doing the course again real soon and ya never know, I might even do it again after that…….cheers….

  422. Completed my first module and began my second when my partner thought he would come in and annoy me.. seems like it is already time for a study break.

  423. HI Everyone,
    Just signed up and have completed modules 1&2. 100% pass so far, so thats good for me as I’m very new to photography. Looking forward to my new adventure, and learning new skills with you all. I can’t wait to get out there and take some photo’s. I have a canon 600D. Good luck to you all……. 🙂

  424. On module 5 already and feel I could take better pictures already! Can’t wait for a trip out tomorrow with my camera to put some of my learning into practice 🙂

  425. Just completed my 2nd module, and I’m loving it so much already. Everything is so clear and thorough, and not to mention inspiring!
    With this added knowledge and ideas, I feel more confident in putting it all into practice.
    🙂 🙂

  426. Hi

    Just signed up to the course today looking forward to putting my passion into action.

  427. Hi, I’m a newbie & am excited about starting this course. Just having a look around, I’m excited about learning how to take great pictures & how my new camera works as I still new to DSLR 🙂

  428. I am now onto module 17 and im loving it!! i cant do this module yet because my speakers blew just now lol so therefore i have to go out tomorrow and buy speakers so i can listen to all the tutorials for editing im looking forward to it and i cant wait to complete it all and put everything ive learnt from this course into my work yayy im a newbie with my dslr have only owned my canon 60D just over a month and now i completely get absolutely everything thanks click photography this course is AMAZING!!!

  429. Hi, I have so far completed 3 modules and part way through No 4, and really enjoying them. I wanted to get out and work out this Manual mode, so have spent the afternoon taking photos. Hopefully there’s something to upload today 🙂

  430. Just signed up, looking forward to doing something for me besides caring for my two littles.

  431. Hi,
    I have just signed up for the course and am really excited to get started, just have to find time around the kids! Really hope this will help me to take better photos.

  432. Hi I have just signed up for the course but haven’t looked at any modules yet. I am really keen to improve my picture taking skills.

  433. HI, i have just logged in for the first time and I am looking forward to getting started with Module 1.

  434. I have just signed up and I am looking forward to learning more about photography and taking better photos! As I am pretty busy I am glad I can take this at my own pace.

  435. Have just completed the first 2 modules and am loving it. It is great to be able to work at my own pace and revisit bits I didn’t quite get the first time through. Now for the practise – before I forget!!!

  436. Just completed module 6, all good.:) Module 7 when time permits. Good luck everyone.

  437. hi, just starting the course and looking forward to learning how to take better pictures. I only have an old Canon 450d but its a start 🙂

  438. Hi everyone name is Stephen I have a Canon 650D which I shall be learning on, I have basic knowledge on how thing work but need to hone the edges so to speak

  439. Module five…. stepped it up a gear… was a lot to take in.. and I got my F stops back to front… 😉

  440. am slowly going through each Module.
    wish all courses where as easy flowing as this, just starting module 5 so will do more this weekend,
    loved the light module I went and got some good Photos of Fireworks on the Australia day weekend and happy to get a clearer shot

  441. I’m enjoying the course so far! I am particularly interested in travel photography so can’t wait to get there. Still early stages….

  442. Hi All, I am also about to start my journey to perfect photographs. Am really looking forward to it.

  443. Hi, i’ve just completed Module 14 100% yeah 🙂 , I’m really enjoying the course and finding the course very helpful, imformative and easy to understand. I’m really looking forward to Module 15 (how to photograph babies & children) as i’m soon to become a Grandmother.

  444. Done first 2 modules.. love the way things are set out and easy to understand. 100 or first module and 90 for moduel 2. so far love it.

  445. Hi All,
    I am so excited about starting this course. I am the one in my circle who always takes the photos, but have never really learned how. Currently I just point and shoot, but want to learn how to take amazing photos. I have a lovely Canon 550D which I have never learned how to use, so I can’t wait to see what the two of us can do together.
    I look forward to seeing my photos progress and seeing all of your photos too. Who knows, I might get some fantastic ideas from you all.

  446. Hi to all just enrolled tonight and I am looking forward to learning how to use my camera properley, my son gave me the camera and it is a Konica Minolta and I do need help!!

  447. I’ve just signed up for this course. I did a beginners course at a Community College and learnt a little but need something where I can go at my own pace, I’m really looking forward to learning and sharing through this course

  448. 90% on module 4,5 and now 6..Bugger. you sure love the curve ball questions.. There is always one…

  449. Hi I have just signed on today and I’m looking forward for what’s in store. I have a Olympus DSLR and been so frustrated by not getting past using the ‘auto’ button…. so looking forward to it all.

  450. Well Module 1 was great, I liked the delivery and it was well explained. Just missed out with 1 question which I thought was a trick question. 90%, not bad. Now for Module2.

  451. Just finished module 5 passed at 80% bit careless, l will do my best next module l promise. 🙂

  452. Day 1 – I’ve had my SLR for about 5 years now and, while it takes fantastic photos in auto, I really want to learn how to use it properly and take even better pics.

  453. looking forward to starting this course, ive had an slr camera now for a few yrs and because i dont know how to use it properly its sat in my cupboard… not any more im excited and ready to go

  454. Hi, I have had my camera for about 4 months now. Was previously working full time, so I didn’t have the chance to experiment. I participated in a day photography course, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I sat next to someone who knew about cameras, I would have been completely bamboozled all day!!!! I have completed the first two modules, so I am now learning about the basics, and hope to really understand what I am doing so that I can take fabulous photos – especially since I am going to China later in the year.

  455. Belinda i have been using nikon D90 for three years now and i have found this camera to be a great camera,i chosed this camera on how it feels in my hands and how easy the program is to use.

  456. Two modules down … I am taking my time so it all soaks in… Savouring it like a decadent chocolate truffle ….. 😉

  457. Hi all completed all 18 modules…The Photoshop tutorials is gret. I have a better understanding of how to use these tools in my portrait shots and the explanations has been easy to follow. How will I receive the certificate???

  458. Yay finally got a chance to start this after enrolling a few weeks ago. Just finished the second module – let’s see how many I can get done today!

  459. Hi there fellow aspiring photographers! What a gift it is to be able to perfectly capture a moment in time. Good luck to us all! 😀

  460. Just completed Module 4. Got my first question wrong which caused me to cough up my latte and convulse a little.. But i’m all good now. This course is totally awesome. Hopefully conquer module 6 on the weekend:)

  461. Hi all ! A big round of applause for our tech team !
    Uploading profile photos and submitting your pictures to the student gallery is now fully operational. Thank you for your patience whilst this error was resolved.

  462. Hi, I have just completed module 4 and going well. Two at 90% and two at 100%. Is anybody else having problems uploading their photos to the Student Showcase? I sent a ticket to support a couple of days ago and had a nice prompt reply but the problem still exists.

  463. I have done courses both on the net, like this one and hands on ones and never really understood aperture. Now I can proudly say I am full bottle on not only aperture but also shutter speed. I have had a very hit and miss approach previously to my photography and I think a lot of my best shots have been just plain luck but now I can confidently say that in future I will know exactly what I am doing and what result I want and am even now guessing what settings the photographer may have used when viewing other’s photography!

  464. hi, ive just signed up totally new to photography can people recommend some good beginner cameras please, i dont know where to start. Thank you

  465. Just signed up and had a bit of a look around. The course set up looks absolutely great.

  466. Hi again;

    I have just completed the modules on composition and found them to be particularly informative and inspiring! 🙂

  467. Just did the first module and I like the way it was structured. Excited now about moving on… just need to organise my time better!

  468. On my 12module and enjoying the course. Always something new to experiment with. Worth everybit of the course.

  469. Done and done… now to put it all into practice!!! can you please tell me if and when my photos will be uploaded to the student showcase? i’m not even sure it uploaded properly. 🙁

  470. I work with children so I really want to learn how to take great shots of the kids.

  471. Some tricky test questions but not sure how we can select ‘all of the above’ for some, when ‘none of the above’ is also an option…..that’s a little confusing….

  472. Hi, I’ve just joined up, have an awesome camera (Nikon D90 with 18-200mm lense). Love taking photos but want to really learn about how the camera works so I really know what I’m doing. Looking forward to starting, nervous too!

  473. Ian … This is exactly what our team set out to achieve…. Your comments have certainly made the endless hours/weeks and days spent putting this course together worthwhile. Thank you from all our team for your feedback !

  474. This course has done more for me in one day and 4 modules than anything I have ever done before……I’ve learnt more, enjoyed it more and employed more learning, then putting it into practice in todays pics than a myriad of discs, articles and tutorials that I have previously done……..looking forward to learning more in the morning, though if I can only remember a portion of it all I’ll continue happily on my picture-taking way……I hope everyone else is enjoying themselves too……:)

  475. Hi everyone have just signed up looking forward to learning how to take great pictures

  476. Hi Rebecca, the test results are determined by the overall pass percentage. So it is not a problem if you fail just one test 🙂

  477. Completed modules 1 and 2 at 100% pass, then module 3 at 85% as got a question wrong. Wait until you get to module 4 folks.I’ve never used my manual mode on my D90 and have already discovered a meter mode and played with the ISO, aperture and shutter speed to see what effect it had on the shots. Boy, that was a great learning curve. Going to keep a record of the day, weather conditions, brightness, subject matter being photographed and best settings for it under the different conditions. Thanks Click Photography!

  478. Just so theres no confusion um if you fail one test does that mean you dont receive the certificate or ??

  479. So far the course is excellent! Up to and completed module 7 and so far so good. 🙂

  480. Hi everyone, I am so excited about getting started. I love taking photos, my camera is Nikon COOLPIX L120 and I want to get the most of it.

  481. Loving the course so far! 90% module one and 100% module 2! wish i could spend more time on this but life with an 11 week old…. need I say more?

  482. Just enrolled and am terribly excited to get started. I am wanting to take more than just pikkies. I want to have pikkies that ‘pop’ and hopefully this course will help me do just that!

  483. Hi All,
    I’m looking forward and very excited to learn more and develope a better skill in my photography.

  484. Have completed module 3, all going well. When do we get to see some comments on the showcase photos?

  485. Hi All – looking forward to improving my pics, and understanding more about light.

  486. Just signed up and looking forward to some learning. Loved looking at the Student Showcase gallery.

  487. I’m enjoying the course and now have to put it all into practice. First, must buy a decent camera! Thank you for the course and making it so easy to understand (so far!).

  488. Just completed module 1, now to take the test – and i’m nervous haha. anyway, looking forward to completing the course and gaining a new skill !!

  489. Love using the DSLR simulator !!! What an awesome way to have a play around with different settings… I have learnt so much already JUST from that alone.. Can’t wait to start module 1 !!!

  490. Hi there, I have just signed up to do this course. I am very impressed with what I have seen so far.. I can’t wait to have a look around the site.I loce photography. I have a Canon 7D.

  491. Have just signed up and am so excited to start! Have wanted to do an online course since I got my camera!

  492. Hi All
    Just started this course and completed module 1
    Looking forward to the next module
    Thanks Click Photography

  493. Just completed module 3 looks good so far – just want to keep doing the course but life gets in the way!!

  494. Hi everyone
    I’m looking forward to getting started with the course. Hope it is as helpful as everyone says 🙂

  495. Good news all. The button to view the correct answers to the tests is now available on your dashboard.

  496. Hi everyone. I can’t wait to get started. I have always wanted to complete a course and think it is fantastic that Click have offered it online. Thanks.

  497. Hi All, I signed up only a couple of weeks ago and I have already completed 12 modules – hard to stop, once one starts. Plenty of useful tips. I have also uploaded a couple of photos taken at Coogee Beach last year. Plenty more to come. Please leavefeedback so that I can improve. – Les

  498. Hi Everyone
    I am halfway through the course end really enjoying it.
    Thanks to the Click Photography Team for creating it. I appreciate the clarity of explanations and great didactic buildup.
    I am not great with words. This is first time I am writing on any “wall” except some chalk drawing on a brick wall at school. I prefer to express via pictures.

  499. Hi Glenys, Welcome to the course! The voice-tutorial is only on some pages. We hope to add more soon. ENJOY !

  500. Hi Lynette, The simulator is GREAT isn’t it! Glad you like it! Correct answers are definately coming and will be available next week. There has just been a small issue that the techs are working on. You’ll see an announcement when they are available.

  501. Hi, I have just started this course and finding it really interesting – I’m still on module 1. but finding the voice-over is only working sometimes. Is the voice only certain parts of the module – as I find the voice very helpful? I have checked my computer and the sound system is working fine. Any help or suggestions would be great – thanks. Glenys

  502. LOVE photography and always have a thirst for more knowledge… I envy professional photographers – what a dream job!

  503. Love the camera simulator!

    But like lotsof others have asked – is it going to be possible to see the correct answers and know where I made a mistake?

  504. Hello All
    Nice photos of you all, and fantastic photos in the gallery. Who had the wonderful holidays?

  505. Loving all your comments ! Keep em coming. So nice to also meet you via your photo. Those without a pic, please upload a photo to your profile, so we can meet you as well 🙂

  506. i like the way this course has been put together ,but it would be good to see the question that you have wrong / now on to module 5

  507. I have just joined this course today and I am looking forward to understanding how to use the manual mode of my canon 40D.

  508. This looks like it was worth the $$ spent. Just completed my first lesson..
    Having lots of fun already!!! 😀

  509. Hi everyone, have had a camera since I was very young but never really know what it was doing for me for that matter. Am really enjoying this course and have completed Modules 1 & 2 so far and guess what I am actually “seeing the light” at last!!

  510. I’ve just finished lesson 5 after starting last night. LOVING it and I finally understand aperture!

  511. Hi everyone. I am about to start the course today. Glad to see everyone is excited and enthusiastic about this course and in the same position I am. I am very excited and I hope to learn lots. I love taking photos especially of my two gorgeous boys. I’m really looking forward to being able to pick up my camera and getting that perfect shot every time.

  512. Always wanted to learn more .. friends and family have told me I seem to take good shots .. should do a course .. so here I am .. I use a Canon 550D …

  513. Hi – just signed up – finding my way around before starting the first module. Good to read the comments on here as I am wondering how the brain will cope with going back to learning and retaining things after decades ago since leaving school lol.

  514. It’s so good to get to meet all of our new “Clickers” through your photos. Thanks for all your great comments. ENJOY YOUR COURSE !! 🙂

  515. Hi all. I use a Canon EOS 7D and have experimented a lot and learned a fair bit. I have taken a decent amount of what I consider to be good shots, but wanted to learn how to do so with more consistency. My favourite human subject is my 4 year old granddaughter, because she is extremely photogenic and expressive, and a bit of a poser to boot! In nature, I love to snap rainbows, flowers and bugs, and in architecture, weird angles appeal to me. I’m happy to lie on my back to get the shot I want, with buildings and also with trees.
    I have just completed Module 1 and am looking forward to starting on 2.

  516. Hi all!!!!…..I’m a newbie here and hoping to learn a bit more about my camera and how I can control it, instead of it controlling me…….and away we go!!!!!

  517. Hi everyone.
    My name is Julie. I’m here to learn how to get the most out of my camera. I love taking photo’s. I am using a Canon 550D.

  518. New computer for Christmas and it has taken all this time to sort it – just had a visit from my IT man and should be ready to start course in the next day or two. I was given a Canon EOS 400D for my birthday over five years ago and still do not know how to use it properly although I have taken heaps of wonderful photos on automatic settings. I won a couple of prizes with my photos from Australian Traveller in its early days with my old Kodak Instamatic so just goes to show!! I am looking forward to exercising my brain a little in the next few months.

  519. Hey all. I’m doing this to improve my basic understanding of photography. Using a Canon 550D

  520. Just joined and can’t wait to learn more about my camera and how to take better photos

  521. Nervous and Excited about doing this course….. Hoping to start this afternoon if my baby girl takkes a nap like planned! 🙂 Sounds like everyone is enjoying it so far!

  522. I’m about to start the course. Hope to learn heaps about exposure etc. and try and remember it all.

  523. Got D90 & lenses as a gift. Now working out how to use all the bits. looking forward to learning lots.

  524. Hi Everyone. I have just joined and I am looking forward to learning more about my DSLR and the art of photography. Looking forward to what’s ahead.

  525. I have just signed up and am really looking forward to learning alot more about the DSLR world. I am hopeful that this course will give me the information I need to make better use of my camera and be inspired.

  526. Just finished the course yyyayyyyyy……its very informative. Make sure you make notes in case you are a forgetful person like me rest is all good. The questions are pretty easy but just that you cant see the ones you did wrong even after passing them was a bit annoying ah well m done so no complaints. Time to post some photos in MANUAL mode……….. 😉

  527. Hey All, I’m doing this for a bit of fun, hope to pick up some information along the way, getting out on the weekend with my 7D for some fun and macro shots in the CBD

  528. Here we go! Hoping to learn how to use my OMD properly now. There are some great photos here.

  529. Just signed up today and I’m excited to see what’s ahead 🙂

    Loving the site already.

  530. Hi everyone, I have just signed up and looking forward to upgrading from the learners permit of AUTO MODE and graduating with confidence in MANUAL MODE.

  531. Hi I’m Richard and I am just signing on for the first time. I am very excited to start the course and get to know as much as I can about digital photography.

  532. Hi everyone ive just started today seeing all these great reviews from everyone and excitement i am now going to buckle in and learn absolutley everything i need to learn about photography yayy

  533. Hi, have signed up, was having issues with using iPad and getting profile photo uploaded, but now seems to be working. Macbook might be easier. Looking forward to finding my way around the site and learning how to use my sony cybershot camera as well as a DSLR. Currently trying to organise my daughter’s 5th birthday, so might take a while to get to work!

  534. Hey guys, just signed up. Looking forward to showing some of the shots I’ve taken and seeing some of yours.

  535. Signed up a few weeks ago but first day into the intro. Looking forward to leaning and improving my skills. What a magic medium a camera is!

  536. Cant wait to understand and make the most of my camera and equipment.It’s frustrating not to be able to capture scenes as I see them & want to express them. But not for long! Time to get in the perfect frame of mind!

  537. Hello. I joined 5 days ago and it’s not till now that I am familiarizing myself with the site. Hence the beauty of this site I can do the course in my own time.

  538. Hi I have just signed up and taking the time to explore the site. I look forward to completing this course and use my camera sucessfully.

  539. Hi guys, I have just signed up for the course. I need to learn more about my camera, but I love taking photos, its my passion.

  540. Hey fellow “Clickers” the correct answers to your test questions will be available to view in a few days…. stay tuned for the announcement.

  541. Hi All.
    I have just signed up for the course and cant wait to get started. I am a Mum of two kiddies and they are my main focus with photography. We live on an amazing farm with amazing views so I think myself pretty lucky. I have always loved photos, and am really enjoying my camera that I have had for 6 months now, but ready to learn more and learn about my camera.

  542. Hi all, just completed module 1, and passed test, do we get to see the correct answers to the test questions?

  543. Completed the course this morning. Very informative. Can’t wait for the extra learning materials when it’s up! Thanks guy!

  544. Just signed up and really looking forward to (hopefully) capturing some beautiful pics!

  545. Hi everyone i’ve just completed my first module,very excited. great learning tool.Can’t wait to move to next module. Very well explained for the novice like myself.

  546. Wow!! Just looking at some of the photos you guys have uploaded… We sure have some talented photographers amongst us! Well done to all our “CLICKERS” who have uploaded pics!!!

  547. Just finished Module Four – so helpful! I have been to a few beginners workshops over the past year and can’t believe that I hadn’t learned this until now. Can’t wait to complete the rest 🙂

  548. Congratulations on completing the course Hilary !!! Have you checked out the resources section for extra material? Your certificate will be about a week once you’ve completed the course.

  549. Hi Everyone, Have completed the course and the last 2 modules on Photoshop are very well put together. I am now looking for the promised extra material and my certificate.

  550. HI all, just completed module 5. Modules are interesting,fun and easy to understand. Glad I took this course.


  551. Hey !!! Lots of new photographers coming on board today. Welcome to you all. Don’t forget to leave a message and introduce yourself. Perhaps add a pic first . Yeah!

  552. Just logged on for the course and looking forward to learning new skills and improving my photography.

  553. I have just joined and am also looking forward to starting. I have downloaded an app called Articulate as instructed and can’t seem to get it to work. Looking forward tho to starting 🙂

  554. So enjoying this course !!!! Thanks for making everything so easy to understand. I’ve attended lots of various courses and for the first time…. I actually GET IT 🙂

  555. Just finished Module 11 on my second night at it. Funny how sometimes you think you know less than you do. Enjoying the reinforcement of principles so far :-).

  556. Just signed up and looking around at everything,
    Am looking forward to learning more 🙂

  557. I am an amateur photographer and just trying to brush up on my basic knowlege before I plunge into a more advanced course. I’m enjoying it so far, love the layout and the simplicity of the terminology used. 🙂

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