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The Ultimate Photography Learning Experience

Here is the easiest way to learn everything you need to know about your camera and taking amazing photos 

Your online course is structured within the following 18 modules that you can complete at your own pace.

For an insight into your course, click on the headings below.   Here you will gain an understanding of the learning outcomes you can look forward to and the improvements in your photography expertise that you will enjoy with each lesson you take.

Lesson 1 - An introduction to the Basics

In this module you will gain an appreciation of the most important considerations when taking a photograph. You’ll quickly learn that it is not about your equipment, or how expensive it is, but the way you use it that counts. So it doesn’t matter what type of camera you own, creativity will soon be within your grasp. When you have completed this lesson, you will have an overview of the basic, yet most important considerations when taking any photograph. close

Lesson 2 - How to get the perfect shot

In lesson 2, you will gain an appreciation of the most essential photography considerations. At the end of the day, it is all about light and how we handle light to achieve the optimum quality photograph, every single time we press that shutter button. In this lesson, you will gain an understanding of the importance of lighting as well as composition, impact, balance and more so you will be able to approach your photography with more purpose. Upon completion of this lesson, you will appreciate what to look for when creating a dynamic photo, particularly as you continue in this course and start applying your new-found skills. close

Lesson 3 - Getting spot-on exposure every time

Lesson 3 will show you how important getting the right exposure can be. You will learn why getting the perfect exposure is totally critical to your photography success. At the end of this lesson, you will understand how easy it is to read your camera’s information and light meter.  Then you’ll always know exactly what settings are needed to take that perfect photo. close

Lesson 4 - How to be in total control

Lesson four will give you tips and critical information about selecting the optimum settings on your camera.   Many people get confused about their camera settings. After completing this module, this won’t apply to you as you’ll understand the settings that will enable you to easily take total control of your camera. No longer will getting the perfect shot be like a lottery. close

Lesson 5 - How to be creative with Aperture

Lesson 5 will outline and show you many creative ways to use your lenses in order to create impact and enhance your composition. You will be shown settings that will give you a real advantage when it comes to creating photographs with maximum effect and essential information that you can apply nearly every time you take a photo. You will understand how “Depth of Field” can be implemented to separate your subjects from the background along with some very cool effects so your photos appear three dimensional.close

Lesson 6 - Being creative with Shutter Speed

Your creative juices will really start to flow once you’ve completed Lesson 6.   You will learn many exciting and effective shutter speed techniques that will allow you to freeze the action or create mood and a feeling of motion in your photos. Prepare to be amazed as you discover ideas and ways that you can use your camera to be super creative as you explore the results and application of various shutter speeds. .close

Lesson 7 - Photographing in low light

In this lesson you will find out how to best photograph in low light situations. There will be times when you don’t wish to use flash or your flash is not strong enough or your subjects are too far away. By completing this lesson, you will fully understand the challenges that exist in low light and, in particular, the do’s and dont’s of using your camera’s ISO and other settings. Importantly, you will discover the mistakes many people make when photographing in low light and how you can avoid them. .close

Lesson 8 - Balancing for colour and light

Understanding light, seeing where the light is coming from and, in particular, the colour balance will help you get some amazing shots. In this lesson, you will gain an improved appreciation of balancing for colour and the camera settings you may wish to consider when photographing under various lighting situations. Discover the effect of various light sources such as tungsten, fluro, daylight and how to ensure that your photo has the correct colour balance.close

Lesson 9 - Understanding Metering Modes

In this module you’ll learn all about your camera’s inbuilt metering system and how to use the various settings to get the perfect effect you are looking for. With most cameras, you have to tell it how to see and meter the light in different areas of your scene. When you’ve completed this lesson, you will know all about “Average” Metering System, “Centre Weighted” Metering System and “Spot” Metering System and great bracketing techniques to ensure you have the perfectly exposed shot. You will also have learnt when to use each system and the advantages of each in various photography situations. close

Lesson 10 - Changing your settings

camera backWith the previous modules under you belt, you’ll want to know how to change the settings on your camera. Whilst many makes of cameras vary in the position and calibration of the main camera controls, there are some general guidelines that will help you to locate and effectively adjust your camera settings. In lesson 10, you will see these guidelines explained and gain an appreciation of the most common methods of setting adjustments and what to look for.close

Lesson 11 - Basic Composition Rules

In photography, along with any other type of visual medium, there are rules and guidelines that you can apply. These guidelines can be essential in creating excitingly dynamic, well composed, high impact photos. In lesson 11, you will see these guidelines explained and gain an appreciation of the most common rules that you can use to make a real difference in your photography. You will learn how to create captivating images that are powerful and hold the viewers attention. You’ll also learn how to create images that are structured, the importance of balance, and how to create a feeling of depth.close

Lesson 12 - Advanced composition techniques

Now that you understand basic composition, in lesson 12 you will discover amazing “energy strategies” that you can use In this lesson, you will gain an understanding of some incredible advanced techniques and how to use them to further enhance the dynamics of your photos. You will access and be able to take advantage of many amazing, easy to apply advanced methods and strategies.  close

Lesson 13 - How to use FLASH LIGHTING

  There are many common mistakes when it comes to the use of artificial light, flash and flash equipment. In this lesson you will learn how to overcome all of these mistakes.  Your lesson will explain the critical considerations of lighting your subject correctly and the things not to do. You will discover various methods along with inexpensive equipment options and accessories that will allow you to improve all your photographs taken with flash. At the completion of this lesson, you will have the knowledge to create excellent photographs using many different styles of flash lighting and an appreciation of how to create beautiful images that look very natural.close

Lesson 14 - Image Quality and Resolution

rawjpgUnderstanding how image quality and resolution settings work will determine what you are able to do with your photos. You will find this lesson extremely informative as the pros and cons of using “RAW” format and “JPG” are discussed   Knowing what format and resolution to select will be very helpful in relation to effective use of your camera card and hard disk space requirements.close

Lesson 15 - Photographing Babies and Children

AofA DISPLAY 0504 048Understanding how to be in total control will give you the power to take the most amazing photos of little people. In this lesson, we will share with you a number of suggestions from one of Australia’s leading baby and child portrait phographers.  His proven methods and valuable tips will make the job of managing and photographing children less stressfull, more exciting and highly rewarding. close

Lesson 16 - Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

wide-angle-lens-How to prepare and get the most from the many photography apportunities when you are travelling In this lesson, you will enjoy some awesome, easy to apply, tips, tricks and fun techniques to ensure you create some  powerful and interesting shots. You will have fun experimenting with the many different ideas that you put into action to create some amazing memories that you’ll be able to create as a result of completing this lesson. close

Lesson 17 - An amazing introduction to Photoshop

There is some amazing software available these days to further enhance the creativity and presentation of your photography.  In this amazing module, you will enjoy 10 incredible lessons that will show you all the basics editing your photos and how to use Photoshop.. You will see various editing tools explained and how simple it can be to enhance your photos. Tools A Photographer Uses – Part 1 Tools A Photographer Uses – Part 2 Tools A Photographer Uses Part 3 Recognizing And Using Photoshop Pallets How To Make Adjustments In Photoshop Part 1 How To Make Adjustments In Photoshop Part 2 Adobe Camera Raw Part 1 Adobe Camera Raw Part 2 Using Layers In Photoshop Creating Gradients And Vignettes You’ll see all of the above and how to make simple corrections to your pictures without having to be a computer guru. close

Lesson 18 - Advanced Photoshop Techniques

ps5With the knowledge you’ll gain about how to fully utilise the tools in Photoshop, you’ll be able to set your creativity free. Whatever your editing requirements, here is an opportunity to fast track formatting and image manipulation, so you’ll be on track to produce dramatic, high quality images fast!     These additional video tutorials will take you step-by-step through genuinely comprehensive information on using the many advanced tools in Photoshop. You’ll be blown away by just how much you’ll learn with this series of video tutorials – ensuring that you are capable of achieving incredible image editing results Retouching facial blemishes – Part 1 Retouching facial blemishes – Part 2 Smoothing The skin Adding punch with curves and saturation Creating beautiful eyes Darken lips And eyelashes Whitening teeth Finishing touches for printing preparation Weight Loss the easy way Turn any portrait into an artistic blend close

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