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“CLICK” Online Photography Course

If you are keen to improve your photography, learn 100’s photography tips and the secrets to taking excitingly creative photos, you are in the right place!
You are about to embark on one of the easiest, interactive online training experiences ever designed for beginners and seasoned amateurs alike.  This inspirational course is a must for those who love photography and want to improve their skills and camera knowledge .
It doesn’t matter what type of camera you own.Your “easy to follow” step by step lessons will be delivered online through 18 interactive and entertaining modules that you will find very straight forward.
If you have ever been concerned about whether your camera is on the right settings when you are taking a photo…. this course is definitely for you!
Within your course, your camera settings will be totally explained in a way that you are guaranteed to understand.We promise it will be easy and there will be no techno jargon that you may find confusing.


If you can point and click a mouse, you will enjoy being able to complete each lesson in your own time.

There are no time-limits as it is completely self-paced, so you can take as long as you wish to study each subject during your spare time.
You will even be able to return to your course online dashboard and resume or review your learning experience at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All that is required is a computer with internet access… and a PC, Mac or iPad.
Your course will also include the opportunity to ask questions directly from your designated tutor, who will be appointed from one of the World’s most experienced professional photographers on our team.

Take a peek now at what’s included in all your learning modules here and you’ll see the incredible value this course represents and an overview of the amazing information you’ll quickly learn.

Again, welcome to your Click Photography Course….  a world of easy to understand photography lessons, expert tips and creative ideas for you to enjoy becoming a better photographer. 

The Ultimate Photography Learning Experience is just a CLICK away !

  • 18 fun and interactive learning modules
  • Learn how to immediately improve your skills and take amazing photos
  • Camera settings explained in the easiest possible way
  • No time limits on completing the course- you can revisit the modues anytime
  • Presented by top local Australian and New Zealand Photographers
  • No Techno Jargon or things that don’t apply to Australian/NZ Photographers
  • Get the best possible results from your camera.
  • Course is suitable for all camera types
  • Fun quizzes allow you to test your knowledge along the way.
  • Includes completion certificate
  • 20 Bonus Photoshop tutorials
  • Member’s networking area to share ideas and interact with other students
  • Dedicated support desk and personlised tutor access
  • Plus many other features, 100’s tips and ideas, FREE downloads, information and much more


Learning everything there is to know about your camera, it’s settings and how to take great photos has never been so easy to understand or this much fun!

If you can point and shoot any type of camera, all you need is a PC, Mac or iPad with Internet access and you are good to go!

As a photography enthusiast, you will love this unique, interactive training course!

It’s designed to show you how to shoot amazing photos and get the very most from your love of photography, regardless of the  type of camera you own.

For a one time investment of only AUD $695, you will enjoy “Lifetime” access 18 incredible training modules, and information packed video tutorials that reveal 100’s of expert tips and creative techniques that you can use straight away!

In your course. you will join highly experienced photographers as they show you, step by step, how to master your camera and skills that will give you the enjoyment of creating professional looking photographs in no time.

Have you ever been confused
about your camera settings?

  • Do you feel that you are taking too many shots just to jag a good one ?
  • Are you spending too much time editing or deleting your photos ?
  • Do you simply want to get the most out of your camera and easily create photographs with “WOW” factor ?

This inspirational photography learning experience is totally unique and an absolute
must for all photography enthusiasts from total beginners to those who want to really
understand what it means to be a master of the camera.

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